Kik Messenger for PC Download on Windows (Kik for PC)

Official guide to download Kik Messenger for PC or Computer on Windows 7/8.1/10.

When I heard about this application then I wasn’t sure why people are so crazy about this Kik Messenger application and as a tech geek I started using it. Once I started using it then I really liked this application and I myself got addicted. So guys, welcome this application and start using it. Here I’m sharing a guide on how to download Kik Messenger for PC.

This application is developed and maintained by a registered developer company and you’re definitely going to love using it. It comprise of simple user interface which makes it elegant enough to use without needing any user guide. Even this guide which you’re reading now is simple and I’ll make sure that you don’t find any issues at all.

Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger for PC Features:

Let me now talk about features of Kik Messenger which makes it so popular that millions of users are using it and they aren’t feeling any need to try any alternatives.

It comes with clean and simple to understand user interface which is first factor that increases user experience and makes it top notch. Using Kik Messenger you can send unlimited numbers of texts, share pictures, videos, voice notes and certain supported files within the same conversation.

All your contacts are saved and there is no need to login again and again. It uses lots of cryptography algorithms that provide complete privacy to the data included within this app. So as a user all your data is completely protected and you’ll never hear of any leaks.

There is no advertisement served within the app which clearly means that there is nothing within which can hurt that top notch user experience. In short, this is the best messaging app which comes with modern days feature and you’re definitely going to love using it. Just make sure that you’ve enough friends using Kik Messenger and then no need to look back.

Kik Messenger for PC DownloadHow to Download Kik Messenger for PC

So finally it’s time to learn how to install it on PC without facing any issues. Only issue you may face will be graphics related so update the graphics driver version of your computer to latest and then follow steps mentioned down here.

  • Firstly download BlueStacks app player on your computer. Its available for free over here.
  • Double click on installer file of BlueStacks and start following on screen instructions as it is. This will quickly install the software and you won’t find any issues at all. It’s an online installation process so total time taken will depend on speed of your internet connection.
  • Start the software and use its search tool (located on top left corner) to find out Kik Messenger application. Click on link mentioned down the search results that will open it on Google play store.
  • Click on Kik Messenger application in search results and then click on ‘install’ option ahead of the app listing among Google play store.
  • At last you’ll be asked to enable synchronization feature of BlueStacks. Simply login with your Google account here to do that and if you don’t trust this software then use a spare Google account.

That’s it! I hope the installation is over without any issues and you’re going to share this guide on how to download Kik Messenger for PC with all of your friends.

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