How to Download Clumsy Bird for PC Easily?

Clumsy Bird for PC is known for its phenomenal graphics and the stakes of the game are rising stupendously in the smartphone world. Since the inception of the game, it has been making fans and hailing in the market. Upon its release, the game was heavily praised by its critics, such is the credibility of Clumsy Birds in the market.

The developers of Clumsy Birds have not left any hint of complacency while creating it. The audio effects and the gameplay of Clumsy Birds prove the point. The features of the game are kept very unique from the other competitors in the industry. At the time of the release, the developers were involved in rigorous marketing and the plan seemed to have worked in the right manner.

Let me tell you that Clumsy Bird for PC or Computer is not from the official people.

Get it for your Android Smartphone from here.

clumsy bird for computer

The thrill and action packed in the game is incomparable and it calls the excellence. The popularity of the game is so much that the download count has already reached a million mark in the market. Realizing its thumping success in the smartphone world, its developers came out with a very significant idea of launching it for the PC users too. Now, Clumsy Birds can also be downloaded by the PC users with the help of Android emulators.

The gameplay of Clumsy Birds lays the concept of survival in which the birds take on the bad dragons. The fury of the birds is elevated by the dragons’ attempt of stealing their eggs. The birds are then involved in the recovery of the eggs and give away all their effort for the same.

Here are some of the features of Clumsy Birds for Computer :

  1. It has great screen gestures and hence controlling of the game is phenomenal. You can enable the flapping feature by tapping on the screen.
  2. It packs enough entertainment for the user to get addicted to it.
  3. You have an incredible opportunity to see the nature and the bird world while playing the game.
  4. Tapping the screen makes the bird flap its wings and move forward in pursuit of the dragons.
  5. Clumsy Birds has a great synchronization to the social media and hence it is very popular on facebook among the other social media websites.

Downloading Clumsy Birds for PC:

Clumsy Birds can be downloaded on PC but for that purpose, you need to install the android emulator in the system. In this case, we will employ BlueStacks installer for the installation. Here are the steps:

  1. Make sure you download a copy of BlueStacks and try to visit the official website for the same.
  2. After BlueStacks comes up on your system, you can search for the app “Clumsy Birds” and click on the Search button.
  3. When the result is drafted, look for the install button located alongside the icon of Clumsy Birds and click on it.
  4. Wait for some time before the app surfaces on your PC without much of a hassle. This completes the downloading process of this awesome game.

So, I really that you enjoyed this post on how to download Clumsy Bird for PC available on Windows 7/8.

Download My Talking Tom for PC on Windows 7/8 without Bluestacks

My Talking Tom is that application which is entertaining users since its birth. It was first launched for Android platform and that time, Android devices were new in the market. This guide is about how to download My talking Tom on Computer.

I still remember that My Talking Tom was one of the selling feature of those smartphones and its still even popular like the old days. My Talking Tom is the newer version of the original Talking Tom app and it’s seriously better and improved one than the original one.

Here is the guide that will help you to download My Talking Tom for PC and that too without facing any issues. All you need to do is to simply follow the instructions mentioned down here and within few minutes of time this application will be there to entertain through your PC. Also See : Retrica for PC Download

My Talking Tom for PC Download

We will talk about this application initially that will give you an idea why it’s so popular and what are its features and later I’ll start with the installation process.

It’s available for free while it serves a lot of advertisements which is the only annoying problem in it. Rest is truly awesome. It comprise of a cat named Tom which is very talkative. He is going to listen to every voice coming from outside environment and will repeat all of them back in a speedy and funny tone. This is the most hilarious feature that is going to be truly awesome for anyone.

Believe me you won’t be believing it after reading but once you see it in action then you’ll find hard to ignore it. You’ll find this app addictive because of this single feature.

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But wait there are many other features as well. Like there are many mini games within like Flappy Tom which you can play to pass the boring time with uniqueness they are offering. You also need to help the Tom grow as a pet. You need to take care of him, feed him, make him go to loo, make him sleep and even take care of his bathing time.

My Talking Tom

How to Download My Talking Tom for PC Guide

Down here are the instructions you need to follow to get this application installed on your computer. Start after updating graphics driver version of your computer to latest available version.

  • First thing to do is to download BlueStacks Offline Installer software on your computer. It is available for free over here.
  • Double click on the installer file of BlueStacks now and then start following on screen instructions as it is. Within few minutes of time this software will be installed.
  • Start the software and using its search tool which is located on top left corner start finding My Talking Tom Android game. You’ll find a link to search it on Google play store, click on that.
  • Now the game will open in search results among Google play store. Click on game in result and then click on ‘install’ option ahead of it.
  • At last you’ll be asked to login using a Google account. Do that and if you don’t trust this application then use a spare account instead of your professional or personal one.

This is it. Within few minutes of time My Talking Tom will be installed on your computer and I expect that you’re going to share this simple guide with your friends. I hope you liked this tutorial to download My Talking Tom for PC or Computer available on Windows 7, Windows 8 without any problem or issue.