Mohit founded India’s first games company, Mohit Games & Co, in 2010 and is considered as a pioneer of the Apps and Games Industry in Bali. Mohit completed 10 months in gaming in March 2017, and has set many goals along the way.

Javed Akhtar in his bestselling book “​ I Love Gaming Lifestyle”​ has described Mohit as one of the most best entrepreneurs in Bali today, and has written a few posts describing how Mohit started from zero and successfully ‘dented’ into the global apps and games industry.

Mohit has been keen in building Mohit Games & Co. to being a organisation that is considered as a leading provider of direct products to the global games industry, for its reliable, high quality products and professional attitude.

Mohit is active in working and growing the apps industry in Bali, by working closely with the startups, companies and educational institutes . He is Chairman of StartUP Bali Forum, the de facto body for apps and games in Bali. He is also a part of the GIDDI Media & Apps Committee, an great forum that provides for policy change for the Games sectors in Bali.